Wahoo KICKR Trainer

Alright, we’ll go ahead and say it, trainer workouts are no fun. In fact, they’re soul sucking endeavors that are not only hard on you, but also hard on your equipment. An hour on the trainer is a test of will power, and there are always so many little voices telling you to just stop and get off the bike. We can relate.

The thing is, with the Wahoo KICKR that view of trainer workouts may be a bit antiquated. While the KICKR can’t replicate the feeling of the Texas sun on your skin, it can replicate pretty much everything else. That’s one of the many reasons that we love this product. Its open API provides incredible versatility, and the physical design of the trainer is the best around.

Imagine a Steve Jobsian character gathering together everyone in the cycling industry and introducing the KICKR under bright lights in a darkened room. That’s how important this trainer is.


The physical layout of the KICKR is designed to minimize wear and tear on your bike, as well as provide an accurate road feel. No more trainer wheels or squared off tires! The KICKR comes with an integrated cassette, connected to the 12lb flywheel with a Gates Carbon Belt. The industry leading weight of the flywheel means that you can stop pedaling for a bit and stretch your lower back without having to start from zero. The bike actually coasts. You know… Like when you ride outside.

And with the integrated cassette you won’t put undue wear and tear on your bikes expensive drivetrain. It’s one of those, “Why isn’t everyone doing it this way?” designs. In addition, this integrated design makes measuring things like wattage much more accurate.


The most ingenious things about the Wahoo is its open API. What this means is that third party companies can develop software that works with the KICKR. This is the future, and proof that the minds behind the product are forward thinking. They've produced a quality physical item, and given it the ability to have endless upgrades.

Race against your friends on Zwift. Climb Alpe D’Huez. Ride Strava segments. With the third party integration the Wahoo will automatically adjust resistance to accurately recreate the courses. Imagine training for the Ironman in Lanzarote and being able to effectively pre-ride the course.

The KICKR provides wireless bluetooth connections and works with IOS as well as Android devices. It’s incredibly versatile.

Click the .pdf below to see the full list of it's compatible apps.

There’s some quote or statement about turning your greatest weakness into a strength. That’s what the Wahoo provides. A way to get focused, quality training on rainy days, as opposed to eating a pint of ice cream and binging on Netflix. We love this product, and of our customers who’ve made the investment in a KICKR, we’ve received great reviews. Swing by any of our locations to learn more about the trainer, we’ll be happy to provide more in depth information and go over the KICKR's many features.

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