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Holiday Gift Guide

Shop for a cyclist can be a frustrating endeavor. Seriously.... Frustrating. So to help you out we've put together a list of some of our favorite items. Use this guide to point you in the right direction, and remember, a BW gift card always makes for a great gift. Also be sure to call your nearest BW location for updates on any clearance bike or models that may be discounted for the holiday, We'll be happy to hold on to any bike purchase until 3pm on Christmas Eve.


2017 is a great year to buy a bike. It’s an update year. Most of our brands have introduced completely redesigned models, as well as new product lines that are much more than new paint. Felt’s released the VR and FR line. Scott’s updated its MTB suspension. Cervelo’s just released the p5x super bike, and Giant, who we’ll focus on today, has made major updates to its entire off road line up.

While Giant mountain bikes have always been good, we’ve been blown away by the value, parts spec and paint of this new Trance Advanced 2. With carbon wheels, boost hub spacing, updated suspension and a more appropriate 1x11 drivetrain, the Trance makes great use of the most current...


“The road is bumpy and holey, every irregularity a drain on the rhythm I still have to find." -Tim Krabbe, The Rider

The Felt VR (Variable Road) is the evolution of Felt’s storied Z line of endurance geometry bikes, and indicates Felt’s willingness to adapt to a changing market. We’ll go ahead and say that we love this new range of bikes. They're the perfect tool for exploring the labyrinth of farm roads that crisscross Texas, or loading up and heading out with friends for a long weekend of riding. These are bikes built to discover new roads. The VR line is a promise of adventure, and the VR40 is one of the best values in this new range.

But perhaps we’re waxing a bit too poetic… We did throw up a quote from The Rider after all. Let’s take a step back and discuss the pieces that comprise this new bike.


Bicycle World is now accepting applications for it's 2017 Ambassador Team. If you're active in the endurance community, have a passion for all things cycling and a willingness to share that passion, we're looking for you. Past BW Ambassadors, have been Paralympians, competed in the IM World Championships, been UCI cat 1 mountain bikers and more. Although race results are by no means a determining factor. Some of our best ambassadors have been age groupers willing to donate their time to local events, or help out their fellow athletes while wearing our colors.


  • Bicycle World Ambassadors must actively promote Bicycle World within their community, club, training group, etc. In addition, BW Ambassadors are expected to tag us on social media posts where applicable.
  • Bicycle World Ambassadors must be willing to volunteer at one (hopefully more) BW or partner events. These could be anything from leading group rides, to helping out at local races or volunteering for trail maintenance days.
  • Although there may be some exceptions...
Cervelo P5X

This year’s Ironman World Championships marked the release of Cervelo’s flagship triathlon bike, the P5X. It’s an insane, ambitious, supercar of a bicycle that’s been polarizing both our shop staff and customers since it’s release. We can understand that. With two models coming in at approx. 11k and 15k, the price tag alone is an issue.

And depending on who you talk to, the aesthetics of the bike are either a thing of beauty, or Frankenstein’s monster. With the P5X, Cervelo has created one of the most discussed, divisive bikes in recent history, and we can only thank them for that.

Cervelo is a company that owns the Kona Bike Count. It’s the king of the triathlon market, selling P2’s like we sell Clif Bars. Yet here they are, showing us the way forward. Pushing the limits and...


I can still remember the first time I rode a Scott Scale. It was at the Interbike Outdoor demo in 2009. Or was it 2008? The shop I was working for at the time wasn’t a Scott dealer, but everyone of us wanted to try this mountain bike that was supposed to weigh in at just over 16 lbs. That seemed unfathomable to us.

Yet there it was. An astonishingly light bike that leapt up hills and could be thrown into corners. It was one of those rides where you’re laughing out loud for no real reason, other than you can’t believe how much fun you’re having.

Since that grand introduction, Scott’s refined the Scale platform, making subtle improvements along the way. There’s no question this company knows how to make lightweight bikes, but over time Scott realized that by making the lightest hardtail on the planet, they may have also made one of the harshest riding ones. The new challenge for Scott engineers was to keep the lightweight bike that the Scale is known to be, but introduce a little more...


If any of the following statements are made during your weekend ride with friends, carry on, this TCR Advanced 1 Disc may be for you.

“It takes so long to get out of town these days.”

“Finally… Freedom.”

“Have you ever noticed this little road?”

“That’s really more of a path, than a road.”

“Let’s go check it out.”

We won’t go through the complete list of technologies that comprise the TCR (See the .PDF at the end of this article for that) although we will highlight a few, and of course, lament the name. TCR Advanced 1 Disc? How utterly uninspiring. That’s a name that belies the beauty of the bike. It’s a name that’s more technical than emotional. A name that seems to be based solely upon numbers and math.

On the other hand, we suppose that’s Giant’s job. Their job is to sweat the technical details, so that when you hit the gravel roads outside of Lyton Springs, you have an emotional response.


Giro helmets have long been the gold standard for riders of all levels, and with this year's introduction of the Cinder/Ember helmet, we feel that Giro has hit another home run. With styling that's based upon their flagship helmet, the Synthe, & a price point that $120 less expensive, this may just be our new go to helmet.

Every Cinder/Ember helmet features the innovative MIPS system to help reduce the dangerous rotational forces often incurred during a crash, as well as plenty of ventilation, and the always comfortable Roc Loc fit system. Check out the colorways featured below and watch the video for a more comprehensive look at the MIPS system. Each of our seven Texas only locations has received stock of these, and our staff will be happy to help you achieve the perfect fit.


Equipping your bike with lights is one of the simplest, most effective ways to increase your visibility and safety on the road. And not only at night, we highly recommend lights during daylight hours as well. The automotive industry has moved to daytime running lights because it’s been proven to make cars more visible on the road, and that same logic can be applied to cyclists as well.

There are many, many companies who make bike lighting systems, but one of our favorites is Light & Motion. Their products are incredibly durable, their customer service is incredible, and every bit of their production and design takes place here in the US of A. What that means for the consumer is that quality control is exceptional. The ability for a customer service rep to get off a phone call with a customer then walk a few feet to the factory to talk about the issue is unparalleled. With Light & Motion there is no disconnect between the front and back of the house.

What we love about these lights is the waterproof design, USB charging, simple mounting system, and most of all,...


Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps too many… The industry is full of niche markets in a never-ending pursuit to outfox their competition. Companies put their collective heads down and innovate, coming out with new standards, carbon fiber bits and titanium bottle cage screws on the regular. Wind tunnels are built. Skinsuits are created from 3D body scans and everything is guaranteed to save you X over a distance of Y.

We often wonder if the industry ever looks up for a moment to realize that it’s ostracized the uninitiated? In it’s mad dash to push the limits of technology, many companies have whittled down their consumer base to the small minority of people who think it’s perfectly reasonable to pay thousands of dollars for a bike that weighs the same as their cat.

We love the Momentum Street because it isn’t any of those things. The Street is approachable, unintimidating and fun. No new marketing terms were created to sell the bike and the key features are immediately quantifiable. An integrated u-lock holder, because you’ll need to lock up your bike. A...


You got the bike. Hooray! Now what else do you need to pursue your new cycling lifestyle?

We’ve put together a small list of the essentials products every rider needs. And while we won’t discuss style or brand, you can use this as a guide to make sure you’ve got the right equipment to ride in safety and comfort.

If there’s any piece of the puzzle you’re missing, swing by one of our shops and talk to our staff to get personalized recommendations for any of the products listed below. Our staff is here to share their love of cycling and to give you real world information, so that when it comes time to purchase, you can make an informed decision.

TEXAS 4000

Started in 2004 by Hodgkin’s Lymphoma survivor, Chris Condit, Texas 4000 is the longest annual charity bike ride in the world.

There it is…

A bit of exposition. A declaration that, while true, doesn't do justice to the massive scope of the organization. Texas 4000 is so much more than that first sentence. It’s a life changing journey that takes place over the course of eighteen months, and one that we’re immensely proud to support.

Texas 4000 riders are leaders. They’re students. They’re survivors, cyclists, fundraisers, and friends. People who have been affected by cancer in someway, and people up for the challenge of a lifetime. We’ve worked with this group for several years now, supplying bikes, bike fit, and support. In truth, it’s one of our most rewarding sponsorships. Witnessing the change these students undergo is always inspiring to us.

While the journey may end after a 70 day, 4000 mile ride, in Anchorage, Alaska, the ride begins much, much, earlier. In fact, every...


Giro and Bell are both offering a fantastic promotion on their MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System) line of helmets. These helmets integrate a small plastic sleeve that shifts under impact to help counteract the dangerous rotational forces often encountered during a crash.

Through 10/31 you can bring in your old helmet (of any brand) and receive an instant 25% discount on a Bell or Giro MIPS product.

It's that easy.

The Texas sun wreaks havoc on traditional helmets, and even without the heat, most manufacturers encourage you to replace your helmet every three years. If it's been a few seasons since you've upgraded, gather up your crusty old helmet, put it into some type of smell proof container and come see us. We'll set you up with one of the most technologically advanced cycling helmets on the market, at a discounted price.

*Give us a call, or check out the flyer below for all terms and conditions.


Jim Felt started his storied career making one off tri bikes for select clients in the motorcross industry, eventually gaining enough of a following to catch the eye of Easton Sports. Easton hired Jim to design a triathlon bike for their sponsored athlete, the legendary Paula Newby-Fraiser, and that year she captured her fourth Ironman World Championship on the Jim Felt designed B2.

From there, the Felt brand blossomed and grew, expanding into all avenues of the cycling industry. Felt makes superb mountain, road and city bikes, but their roots are unquestionably in the world of triathlon.

This is a brand that's always taken a highly technical approach to their bikes, pushing the the boundaries and questioning the placement of every cable, tube and junction. The IA line of bikes is the perfect example of this. It’s a collection of bikes created expressly for triathletes. And no, the IA is not UCI legal. Not even close. The tube shaping is much too extreme for...


It was only last year that the young, talented Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin shocked the world at the Vuelta Espana, weathering attack after attack to hang on to the red jersey for weeks, only to lose it on the penultimate day of the three-week event. It was a heart breaking, inspired ride, and the Giant TCR that Tom Dumoulin and most of Team Giant-Alpecin rode, will be on display in another couple of days, when the Tour de France starts on July 2nd.

It’s always inspiring to see the bikes we sell on the grand stage. We can watch the tour on the shop TV’s, see the competitors descend Mount Ventoux at sixty miles per hour and then walk over and put our hands on the technology they’re riding.

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article on the Felt Z5 and the explosion of the endurance bike market. We went on and on about how most of our customers prefer the fit of these bikes, and how a comfortable...


I remember the first time I saw Fiona Dougherty race quite clearly. I was watching the women’s field at the Georgetown Cyclocross Festival last year, and this tiny girl was putting the wood to pretty much everyone. She was chasing Samantha Runnels, who was in the lead. Just chasing, chasing, chasing... Endlessly, aggressively pursuing her prey. The gap they both had on the rest of the riders was ridiculous, and I kept wondering how someone so small could go so fast.

There was an undeniable talent at play. It’s hard to put into words, but so obvious when you see it. Here was a girl who could go places, not just at a local level, but on a much broader scale. There was a maturity to the way this girl was racing. She had a fierceness, a souplesse, that was amazing to watch.

“What is souplesse?” You ask.

I think the writers over at Rapha provide the most succinct definition: “To pedal avec souplesse is to spin without thrashing, dance without stumbling; it is to...


The Felt Z5 and it’s sister, the ZW5, are two of our most popular road bikes for many reasons. The carbon frame is lightweight. The Shimano 105 drivetrain is a workhorse, that will provide years of crisp shifting. The paint and finish of both bikes are superb. But most of all, these Z series bikes just seem to fit our customers better. In a sport where comfort often translates into speed, this is important.

Comfort is motivation to get out and ride. Comfort is the ability to trust the handling of your bike, so that controlling it becomes a background event. The brakes and shifters are an extension of your hands, always in the right place when you need them. The cockpit of your bike is home base, and in spite of the chaos surrounding you, this thing, this little bike is a bit of calm in the storm.

Too philosophical?

Probably… We have a tendency to wax poetic about cycling. We love it, and everyday we see the difference a properly fit bike can make to someone's enjoyment of the sport.


You've scrimped and saved. You've opened new lines of credit. You've denied yourself so many things to finally afford your dream bike. The dream bike.


It's rumored that the carbon tubes were designed by aerospace engineers. No doubt, every piece of the bike has been worried over and perfected. I mean, look at that parts spec! Professional athletes have ridden your bike over the Galibier during product testing, hitting 65mph on the descent. Velonews even called your bike, the greatest thing ever made.

So, what type of storage do you put on a bike of this caliber? Might we suggest the Arundel Uno?


How dare you, sir! How dare you impugn upon my suggestion!




Another Texas Ironman is in the books! In spite of the shortened course and late day rainstorm, spirits were high as athletes from all over the world competed against each other, and the humid Texas heat.

It's always inspiring to watch an Ironman, and at the end of the day, we're so happy to play a part (no matter how small) in our customer's success. Congrats to everyone who competed!

Enjoy this small gallery of the images, and email us at sponsorships@bicycleworld.com, if you'd like a high res of any of these.


Alright, we’ll go ahead and say it, trainer workouts are no fun. In fact, they’re soul sucking endeavors that are not only hard on you, but also hard on your equipment. An hour on the trainer is a test of will power, and there are always so many little voices telling you to just stop and get off the bike. We can relate.

The thing is, with the Wahoo KICKR that view of trainer workouts may be a bit antiquated. While the KICKR can’t replicate the feeling of the Texas sun on your skin, it can replicate pretty much everything else. That’s one of the many reasons that we love this product. Its open API provides incredible versatility, and the physical design of the trainer is the best around.

Imagine a Steve Jobsian character gathering together everyone in the cycling industry and introducing the KICKR under bright lights in a darkened room. That’s how important this trainer is.


The Cervelo P Series is perhaps the most recognized multi-sport bike line in the world. Want proof? Well, last year at the annual Kona Bike Count Cervelo bikes dominated the field, beating their nearest competitor by almost 2 to 1. These are the best amateur triathletes in the world, and as amateur racers, the bikes they ride are purchased with their own money. There’s something to be said for that.

For years, Cervelo’s held the coveted first position in Kona, and the reason is simple. Cervelo bikes provide an accessible, quality time trial bike with a geometry that accommodates most riders. By offering a highly adjustable fit, Cervelo allows the rider to maintain an aero position for longer periods of time. This is pretty much “The” key component to destroying the bike course, and leaving your old PR’s in the dust.

The P2 may be considered entry level by Cervelo, but with an aerodynamic carbon frame and 105 build, it’s a proven performer. In fact, the P2 shares the...


Kids bikes are always a challenge. Parents have to walk the razors edge, using advanced algorithms to forecast height and gauge long term interest before investing in something as expensive as a nice bike. We understand. Luckily, companies like Giant offer accessible, competitively priced bikes that fit a wide range of children. The XTC series, in particular, is one of our best sellers.

We love the disc brakes and lockout suspension fork on the XTC, and the swooping top tube guarantees stand over clearance for a wide range of heights. While you may be more into a 1x setup on your personal mountain bike, the 3x7 gearing of the XTC gives smaller riders a bigger range of gearing to get up hills. In addition, the grip shift style of shifting is much easier for smaller hands to use.

A pretty cool glowing orange paint job rounds out the XTC, and the pinstripe tires feature just the right amount of traction on trails without slowing younger riders down on the road. The XTC even comes with a bell and bash guard for the rear derailleur.

If you're in the market for a...


Mark Barr has a lot on his mind.

In a couple of days he’s leaving for Spain to compete in the Aguilas ITU World Paratriathlon Event, but his aero extension broke off of his bike and replacement parts have yet to arrive. He’s still got to get the new parts installed, and as we talk Mark tells me that he has to be back up at this very same park at 5am the next morning for a live news broadcast. In the meantime, he’s working 12 hour shifts as a nurse at the Ben Taub Trauma ICU, trying to launch teamcatapult.org, his disabled athletes organization and, oh yeah, train for the very first Olympic Paratriathlon.

These are all things that I did not do when I was 29.

But I suppose that most of Mark Barr’s life has consisted of doing things that others haven’t. There’s the leg, of course. The bone cancer. The amputation at the age of fourteen. The year of chemotherapy that’s reflected in his eyes. The laser focus that makes him an incredible competitor, and no doubt, a brilliant...


For the uninitiated, getting started in the world of off-road riding can be an intimidating endeavor. Even seasoned roadies and triathletes are often perplexed by the myriad of terms and offerings available. Today’s modern mountain bikes have become so incredibly intricate, so technologically advanced, that they seem to have left other cycling categories behind.

We’ll be the first to admit that it can be overwhelming at first glance. And each bike companies marketing department is in a mad rush to coin new terms, while demonizing old ones. It’s as if they’re intentionally trying to confuse you.

That’s not happening with the Anthem line. It’s been around long enough to know itself. It’s comfortable in it’s own skin. Anthem bikes aren’t redefining what makes a great cross country bike, because they defined that in the first place.


Our BW Ambassador's are like family to us. These are fans of the shop, athletes and all around good people. Being the fastest isn't a job requirement, but having an infectious love of the sport and a willingness to share that love is.

We rely on our area ambassadors to help us build relationships with local organizations and we draw inspiration from their exploits. From the Olympics, to local 5k's, our ambassadors represent everything we love about endurance sports.


It’s 4:45pm on a Monday afternoon when I pull up to the Panther Branch Boys & Girls Club in Fort Worth. I unload my bike and cruise around the parking lot looking for our Southlake Store Director, Liesel McAllister, and the group she coaches here. Kids are chasing each other in the playground. Soccer balls are flying around and hundreds of separate conversations blend together to form a symphony of sound, occasionally pierced by shrieks of delight.

I don’t have children.

I don’t know how to act around children.

Where’s Liesel?

In a back corner of the parking lot I finally spy her, pulling bikes out of a trailer and having kids try on helmets. I roll over and announce myself. Liesel says hi, and I get introduced to the other adult volunteers who help run the Southside Triathlon Club, a 501(c)3 youth and juniors non-profit. The...


We understand that the best part of owning a bike is actually riding it, so we're happy to announce our new Next Day Service Guarantee. All seven of our Bicycle World locations can now complete most repairs in one business day! Check out the poster below for all the details on this new program, or better yet swing by. We'll provide fast, friendly service on any bike.


The Queen of the Classics.

The Hell of the North.

One of the Monuments of Cycling.

Paris-Roubaix is a race with many names. And if you’ve never watched the event, you’ll find it hard to grasp just how truly brutal it is. It sounds contrived to say, but this truly is a race for the hard men of the sport.

Last week's Paris-Roubaix was a 253 kilometer jaunt (that’s 157 miles), through exposed farm land and old World War 1 battlefields. Cyclists worked their way through abandoned farm roads and horrific cobblestone sectors that have bested bike engineers for years. If you’re a fan of the race, you’ll remember Greg Lemond and all of Team Z riding RockShox suspension forks with 30mm of travel in 1991. The great Johan Museeuw even rode a prototype dual suspension Bianchi back in 1994. Heck, just last year Team Sky brought a Pinarello with 10mm of rear suspension called the Dogma K8-S to Roubaix. That’s how rough these roads are.

Competitors have been known to double wrap their bar tape. They’ve used bigger tires at lower pressures. They’ve ridden...

State Wheels

Breaking into the over-saturated wheel business is a tricky, tricky thing. Somehow, you’ve got to make yourself known. You’ve got to separate yourself from the hundreds of wheel vendors buying premade products from overseas and simply plastering their logo on. There’s a lot of white noise down at the bottom. Innovation has been forsaken, and always on sale products are the new normal. As cyclists and retailers, that terrifies us.

Hitting 55mph down that big hill on Hwy. 337 in Leakey, TX. Slamming into tree roots you didn’t quite see during a cyclo-cross race. Getting a blowout during a commute home and having to ride the rim to the safety of a sidewalk. Trusting the products you ride is an integral part of enjoying cycling, and a lot of the shockingly inexpensive carbon wheels floating around the internet are, in our opinion, not to be trusted.

On the other hand, there are the behemoth bike companies that sponsor pro-tour teams and seem to have a full page ad in every cycling magazine you pick up. The really do make nice wheels. Unfortunately, the normal for them...


The sweet spot... That little area in the Venn Diagram where performance and value overlap. That's where you'll find the Felt B12.

Yes, you can pay less for a tri bike, but you'll probably notice. And yes, of course, you can pay more for the latest and greatest, but it's hard to deny just how clever Felt has been with this bike.

The parts spec of the B12 may seem confusing at first glance. A Dura Ace derailleur with a Vision crank and Microshift bar end shifters. But on closer inspection, you realize that the build is expertly designed to give you the absolute best value for dollar. For example, the Microshift bar end shifters save you money, and they're tied to Dura Ace derailleurs, so there's no really performance penalty. On a tri bike, the shifting of the front derailleur is old-school friction (no click, you pull the lever which in turn pulls the derailleur over), and the rear derailleur in a very simple index shifting. What creates precise gear changes on a tri bike...


We’ve carried Tifosi glasses in all of our locations for a long time, and they’ve been quiet best sellers from day one. While Tifosi may not have the massive marketing department of say, an Oakley, we’ve always found these glasses to be highly accessible for the majority of our customers.

Proper cycling glasses fit securely, boast UV protection, have interchangeable, polarized, or adaptable lenses and resist fogging. These are all things that Tifosi glasses can offer at a great price. Most styles include several lenses for different lighting conditions, and all Tifosi Optics come with a hard case and a rock solid lifetime warranty. With a plethora of designs and styles to fit any aesthetic, or match any bike, we highly suggest visit the Tifosi stand next time you swing by.

Check out the small gallery of our favorite designs below and remember… Cycling style dictates that helmet straps always go on the inside of the earpiece!