The Momentum Street City Bike

Bikes come in all shapes and sizes. Perhaps too many… The industry is full of niche markets in a never-ending pursuit to outfox their competition. Companies put their collective heads down and innovate, coming out with new standards, carbon fiber bits and titanium bottle cage screws on the regular. Wind tunnels are built. Skinsuits are created from 3D body scans and everything is guaranteed to save you X over a distance of Y.

We often wonder if the industry ever looks up for a moment to realize that it’s ostracized the uninitiated? In it’s mad dash to push the limits of technology, many companies have whittled down their consumer base to the small minority of people who think it’s perfectly reasonable to pay thousands of dollars for a bike that weighs the same as their cat.

We love the Momentum Street because it isn’t any of those things. The Street is approachable, unintimidating and fun. No new marketing terms were created to sell the bike and the key features are immediately quantifiable. An integrated u-lock holder, because you’ll need to lock up your bike. A bell, because you want people to know that you’re behind them. Racks and chainguards and cup holders that all serve a purpose for every rider. None of these features are dependent upon wind speed and yaw angle.


With the Street, Momentum has created one of the most visually appealing bikes on the market, and the price point is a very nice $410. With our included bike fits and the lifetime service you receive at Bicycle World, the Momentum Street is a hassle free, head turning city bike for short commutes, neighborhood exploration and weekend rides to the market.

And don’t get us wrong. We love the complexity of high end bikes; it’s why we work in the industry after all. But there’s something so refreshing about a bike that reminds us of the freedom and joy that cycling provides. The Street is a bike that makes people smile, and that may be the highest praise any of our bikes can receive.

Come see the full line of Momentum bikes at any of our seven locations. The simple twist shifting and upright riding position is perfect for riders of all levels.

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