The Felt Z5 & ZW5

The Felt Z5 and it’s sister, the ZW5, are two of our most popular road bikes for many reasons. The carbon frame is lightweight. The Shimano 105 drivetrain is a workhorse, that will provide years of crisp shifting. The paint and finish of both bikes are superb. But most of all, these Z series bikes just seem to fit our customers better. In a sport where comfort often translates into speed, this is important.

Comfort is motivation to get out and ride. Comfort is the ability to trust the handling of your bike, so that controlling it becomes a background event. The brakes and shifters are an extension of your hands, always in the right place when you need them. The cockpit of your bike is home base, and in spite of the chaos surrounding you, this thing, this little bike is a bit of calm in the storm.

Too philosophical?

Probably… We have a tendency to wax poetic about cycling. We love it, and everyday we see the difference a properly fit bike can make to someone's enjoyment of the sport.


The Z series of Felt bikes is often the bike we show new customers first, because this is a bike we’re confident in. It’s the platform that allows us to provide a quality fit, and it certainly doesn’t help that the bikes are spec’d so well. Felt has always done a great job of providing value, and the Z5/ZW5 are no exception.

Comfort on a bike is a matter of millimeters, and the small differences in geometry between the Felt F & Z series are what make it so accessible. Both are light, snappy bikes, but the frame angles have been adapted on the Z series to provide what we consider to be a more comfortable ride.

The most obvious difference is the taller head tube. A 54cm F4 features a 12cm head tube, as opposed to the 16cm head tube of a similarly sized Z5. That four centimeters put the rider in a slightly more upright position, one that most riders prefer. For many, it allows the stem and handlebar to be “slammed”, instead of relying on spacers to raise the handlebar up to a comfortable riding position. Not only is this aesthetically appealing, it helps to provide the absolute best handling the bike has to offer.


While there are several other small changes in geometry, another notable difference is the longer wheel base of Felt Z series bikes. This extended wheel base requires less rider input. The bike tracks smoothly and consistently without constant tweaks. If you’ve ever taken a short wheelbase car on a road trip, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. All of the thousands of tiny corrections necessary to make the car drive in a straight line are exhausting.

And just like a GT car, endurance bikes are for longer rides. They’re for exploring new roads and riding with friends. The carbon frames have been designed to provide a bit more compliance so that you can enjoy cycling without constantly being engaged in the act of riding. We find that this is what most of our customers want, and we’re happy that Felt produces a bike that meets their needs so perfectly.

The Z5 & ZW5, along with the entire Felt Z series of bikes are available now, at any one of our seven Texas only locations.


Traditional frame geometry purists?

Come one out and test ride one of these. There’s a reason that the endurance road market is blowing up. Besides, your lower back will thank you.


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