The Felt VR5

There’s this special little loop that heads southeast from Austin, and covers the 70ish miles to Lockhart and back. It’s too gnarly for my 23c tire road bike. There’s too much gravel. Too many loose dogs that chase you down the carpet bombed roads. It always too hot. Too cold. Too windy.

Too everything.

Every time my little group of friends ride it, we stop halfway to eat too much Black’s BBQ.

These are the rides that the Felt VR is designed for. All day adventures over uncertain terrain. Days when the next gas station oasis is more than a few miles away.

And that baby blue color... That may be a bit of cheating on Felt’s part. It’s hard to see a blue like that and not imagine that you’re a young (possibly less attractive), Tom Boonen, attacking the cobbles in your Belgian National Champion kit.

I’ve written about the Felt VR line in the past, but this VR5 is something special. It exists in the consumer sweet spot. Carbon Fiber frame. Shimano 105 drivetrain. Endurance geometry.

The VR5 checks all the boxes and more.


“What more?” You ask.

  • Thru-axles for the increased lateral stiffness you need to outrun stray dogs, or carve sketchy descents.
  • Hydraulic flat mount disc brakes for exceptional stopping power in any weather condition.
  • Tubeless ready wheels with 28c tires, because changing flats is so 2016.
  • Sub compact gearing for tackling the steep, loose climbs of Texas. My friend Sammy “Legs” Legge, always says that there’s a reward waiting at the top of those climbs.
  • Integrated frame reflectivity to provide an extra layer of safety. This is one of those ingenious, “Why hasn’t this been done sooner” sort of things that I’m sure will be copied by other manufacturers shortly.

The VR5 reminds me of good times with great friends. It’s got the look, the latest technology, and an approachable price point.

‘nuff said.

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