The Felt B12

The sweet spot... That little area in the Venn Diagram where performance and value overlap. That's where you'll find the Felt B12.

Yes, you can pay less for a tri bike, but you'll probably notice. And yes, of course, you can pay more for the latest and greatest, but it's hard to deny just how clever Felt has been with this bike.

The parts spec of the B12 may seem confusing at first glance. A Dura Ace derailleur with a Vision crank and Microshift bar end shifters. But on closer inspection, you realize that the build is expertly designed to give you the absolute best value for dollar. For example, the Microshift bar end shifters save you money, and they're tied to Dura Ace derailleurs, so there's no really performance penalty. On a tri bike, the shifting of the front derailleur is old-school friction (no click, you pull the lever which in turn pulls the derailleur over), and the rear derailleur in a very simple index shifting. What creates precise gear changes on a tri bike is the derailleur itself. Hence, the Dura Ace. It's a simple solution, but reflects just how well thought out the B12 is.

The carbon frame of the B12 is no slouch either. Designed in the wind tunnel, compliant and extremely fast, the frame design has proven itself time and again in some of the biggest races in the world. Pair that with Felt's in house aero wheels, base bar, and extensions, & you have a race platform built from the ground up to work well together.

We love this bike. Check out the gallery below, or come by any of our seven locations to try the B12, or to compare against similar offerings from Scott, Cervelo, and Giant

The Felt B12
Felt B12 Front Derailleur
Felt B12 Shifters
Felt B12 Frame
Felt B12 Seat Stays
Felt B12 Rear Derailleur

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