The Cervelo P2

The Cervelo P Series is perhaps the most recognized multi-sport bike line in the world. Want proof? Well, last year at the annual Kona Bike Count Cervelo bikes dominated the field, beating their nearest competitor by almost 2 to 1. These are the best amateur triathletes in the world, and as amateur racers, the bikes they ride are purchased with their own money. There’s something to be said for that.

For years, Cervelo’s held the coveted first position in Kona, and the reason is simple. Cervelo bikes provide an accessible, quality time trial bike with a geometry that accommodates most riders. By offering a highly adjustable fit, Cervelo allows the rider to maintain an aero position for longer periods of time. This is pretty much “The” key component to destroying the bike course, and leaving your old PR’s in the dust.

The P2 may be considered entry level by Cervelo, but with an aerodynamic carbon frame and 105 build, it’s a proven performer. In fact, the P2 shares the same exact frame and geometry as the more expensive P3.

We love this bike, because it suits the majority of our customer’s budgets and goals. You’ll never be left wanting with a P2. Check out the small gallery below, or come by any of our seven locations to get sized and measured for your Cervelo. We’re proud stock the entire P Series of bikes.


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