TCR Advanced 1 Disc

If any of the following statements are made during your weekend ride with friends, carry on, this TCR Advanced 1 Disc may be for you.

“It takes so long to get out of town these days.”

“Finally… Freedom.”

“Have you ever noticed this little road?”

“That’s really more of a path, than a road.”

“Let’s go check it out.”

We won’t go through the complete list of technologies that comprise the TCR (See the .PDF at the end of this article for that) although we will highlight a few, and of course, lament the name. TCR Advanced 1 Disc? How utterly uninspiring. That’s a name that belies the beauty of the bike. It’s a name that’s more technical than emotional. A name that seems to be based solely upon numbers and math.

On the other hand, we suppose that’s Giant’s job. Their job is to sweat the technical details, so that when you hit the gravel roads outside of Lyton Springs, you have an emotional response.


There is a long list of things we like about the geometry and design of TCR bikes, but with the addition of front and rear thru-axles, as well as hydraulic disc brakes, this new TCR is taking it to whole new level. We’ll admit, it’s taken us a while to jump on board the disc road bandwagon, but bikes like this make it easy. The thru axles make the bike incredible stiff during sprints and sketchy descents, and the hydraulic disc brakes provide excellent braking and modulation in every weather condition.

Pair all of this technology with a compact Shimano Ultegra drivetrain, a plethora of tire clearance and clean cable routing, and you’ve got a bike that’s exceeded our already high expectations. This new TCR is already in some of our locations, and new 2017 models are rolling in daily. Come swing by to test ride this beautiful bike and judge its merits for yourself.

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