Scott Spark 720 Plus

The newly redesigned Spark has been making waves since it’s introduction a few months back, with an updated suspension that’s quickly become the gold standard for full suspension bikes. These new Sparks have already claimed a couple of World Championships, won MTB Mag’s favorite XC bike of 2016, and garnered the respect of our highly selective staff. In fact, the 720 + featured in the images below is our Austin Store Director’s new ride.

We think it's pretty awesome.

Why The 720 Plus Works For Texas Riders

  • The redesigned full suspension of the Spark line is perfect for the rocky trails endemic to Texas riding. The 130mm front and 120mm rear suspension offers enough travel to take some risks, but not so much that you feel sluggish and slow on flowy singletrack. In addition, Scott’s Twin Lock system allows you to control both your front and rear suspension with one lever.
  • The wider 27.5” by 2.8” tires of the Spark 720+ offer traction in spades, and the ability to hold a line as well (or better) than standard 29’ers. This is a huge benefit when navigating the rock garden know as the Barton Creek Greenbelt. If you’ve followed mountain bikes for any time at all you know that wheel standards have changed a lot in the last few years, but we reckon that this 27.5”+ size is going to be the new normal. This means you’ll see plenty of rim/tire options, and when you choose to upgrade, your bike will still be relevant on the second hand market.
  • The wider hub spacing of the Spark 720+ (known as Boost) creates a stronger wheel. Again, Boost spacing is becoming the new norm, and having a Boost compatible frame will allow for upgrades, as well as offer up a stronger wheel for increased durability. This technology has been pioneered by SRAM, so you’re practically guaranteed to have Boost compatible components and parts available for years to come.
  • The parts spec on the Spark 720+ is extremely good, and well thought out. With Shimano brakes, a 1x11 SRAM drivetrain and Fox suspension, the build uses the best of available technologies, focusing on the quality of every component in the system to create a bike that performs well under all riding conditions.
  • And finally, the alloy frame creates a more durable bike for Texas riders. Yes… We’re saying it. We generally recommend alloy framed mountain bikes to our customers, simply because the trails here are so rocky. If you’ve ever knocked a boulder into the bottom of your downtube, you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. Today’s carbon mountain bikes are wonders of technology, and pretty dang tough, but the majority of our customers prefer the extra piece of mind an alloy frame can provide. Kicking up a rock and cracking a chainstay is certainly not something covered under any bicycle manufacturers warranty program.

For these reasons, we think the Spark 720+ is a pretty stellar buy for Texas riders. Plus, that mango color…

Call John, over at our Austin store, or swing by any of our other locations to learn more about the 720+. This is a quality product with a long list of race proven technologies that we’ll be happy to talk you through.


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