Scott Scale 710 Plus

It seems contrived to say, but Scott 27.5” Plus bikes have to be ridden to be believed. It’s almost unimaginable that and extra half inch of tire width would make such a drastic difference, but the 2.8” tires of the Scott Scale 710 Plus have amazing effects on both traction and control. On the rocky trails of Texas, this bike is a game changer.

At first glance, the big tires of the 710 plus seem to be unwieldy. Slow… But that’s really not the case. Scott has shortened the wheelbase of their plus bikes to ensure crisp handling and the bigger wheels only add about 250g of extra weight. For all the weight weenies out there, this may seem like a lot, but the ability to maintain momentum, and most of all traction, make those extra grams disappear.


Since the larger tires of the 710 plus can be run at lower pressures, the grip they provide is unbelievable. The tires contact patch instills confidence and provides a whole heck of a lot of forgiveness through rock gardens and tricky technical sections.

We love this bike. It’s fun, and fast, and makes us want to ride. With an impressive parts spec and World Cup proven geometry, the Scale 710 is our pick for the ultimate Texas cross country mountain bike.

Come and check out this Scott Scale 710 Plus, or any of the many other plus models at your nearest Bicycle World location. Our staff members are huge fans of this bike line and will be happy to let you test ride one for yourself.


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