Scott Road Comp Boa

While you probably know that Scott makes one heck of a bicycle, you may not be aware of Scott’s high quality in-line helmets, clothing and shoes. We’ve been receiving many of these items lately, and thought that we’d highlight one of the best selling products in their line up, the $130.00 Road Comp Boa. Our customers purchase the heck out of this shoe for many reasons. Namely, the fact that you can get a BOA closure system for $130. We love these systems because they’re easy to adjust (even while riding), provide an even tension, and are extremely lightweight. Pair that with a quality fit and stiff, fiberglass sole, and the Scott Road Comp Boa really is a great value.

We've got these bad boys in stock now, so swing by your nearest BW to check them out in person. And if you’re looking for a proper bike pairing, might we suggest the Solace 20 Disc.

Not sold? Take a look at the images below for more information on the technologies that comprise this best selling shoe.


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