Sarah Dougherty

Sarah Dougherty: Mountain Biker Mom

We have many great employees and supporters in the BW family. With Mother’s Day around the corner we feel it is important to highlight one of the most active employees we are lucky enough to have with us, Sarah Dougherty. Sarah, a wife and mother of two daughters, has made mountain biking a lifestyle that is weaved into fiber of her family's tartan.

Already an avid cyclist, Sarah introduced her two daughters Fiona (18) and Annabel (16) to the sport of mountain biking when the two were just 7 and 5, respectively. The two quickly took to the sport and began entering local races. Local races have now turned to UCI races across North America and the family now races nearly 30 weekends a year. Traveling across the country to race at the highest level can be stressful, but this family knows how to keep it fun.

The three are often seen training together through the Waco terrain, although Fiona now often times has to wait up for everyone. Fiona's racing career has progressed so much over the last couple years that she is now earning UCI points and garnering the attention of Global companies seeking young talented athletes to sponsor. The only kind of success that is made possible by a supportive family structure.

Finding quality time to spend with your family away from iPhones and TV is hard. It may be even harder when it comes to finding a healthy sport that every one, regardless of age and fitness, can enjoy together. The Doughertys have used mountain biking as another tool to strengthen family bond and that is something that we can all celebrate.