Quincy Arey

Meet Quincy Arey

1. What is your Day Job?
Dental hygienist
2. Reasons why you Train?
Because it makes me happy
3. What BIG Goal Motivates you?
Qualifying for Kona 2019 in age group
4. How old were you when you did your first Triathlon?
5. Favorite Accomplishment or Race result?
My first ironman In Arizona 2016 time 10:06
6. Favorite race distance?
Ironman full
7. What sports were you involved in before Triathlon?
Cross country running, swim team, track and field
8 . What's your favorite pre race Dinner ?
Steak or salmon, sweet potato and broccoli
9. Post race splurge?
Ice cream
10. How many bikes do you own?
Just the one time trial bike
11. What's your favorite podcast?
School of greatness by Lewis Howes
12. What are Words You Live by?
You got this