Padre Mora

Meet Padre Mora

1. What is your Day Job?
2. Reasons why you Train?
To master the skills needed to reach my potential in this sport.
3. What BIG Goal Motivates you?
I would like to qualify for Kona, or a national team.
4. How old were you when you did your first Triathlon?
I was 47 when I did my first Triathlon, the Rookie. I was 49, race age 50, when I did my first full distance, IMTX 2011.
5. Favorite Accomplishment or Race result?
When I was younger, running 2:58 at the Houston Marathon. It qualified me for 2 consecutive Boston Marathons. Most recently, almost breaking 12 hours at IMAZ.
6. Favorite race distance?
Still figuring this out. However, I do better at races where the swim leg is less of a factor, i.e. I can move through the field on the bike.
7. What sports were you involved in before Triathlon?
I have always been an endurance runner. Started when I was 15 high school cross country. Over the years beginning in the 80's I moved up to 10k, 1/2M, and then marathon. After 2 Bostons I took on trail running, going as long as 100K. I've always had a bike but never raced it.
8 . What's your favorite pre race Dinner ?
Ribeye steak, potato(sweet), and some green vegetables.
9. Post race splurge?
A good steak and a good bottle of red wine.
10. How many bikes do you own?
11. What's your favorite podcast?
I don't listen to podcasts.
12. What are Words You Live by?
Carpe Viam. Means Seize the Way. Whether running or riding enjoy the trip.