Meet Natasha Van Der Merwe!

We want to begin to introduce you to our Bicycle World Austin Racing Team members. This team was hand selected by our leader and coach Natasha Van Der Merwe.

Each member was asked 12 questions. Here is what Coach Natasha had to say:

1. What is your Day Job?

Mom, Pro Triathlete and Director of Team Programs for Bicycle World

2. Reasons why you Train?

I absolutely Love it and i have deep gratitude for every moment i get to swim, bike and run as most are not as fortunate to have the opportunity to do so, especially at my level. To be fast is a privilege i don't hold for granted.

3. What BIG Goal Motivates you?

To be better than i was the day before - through better execution of training, nutrition, recovery, you name it. That goal is enough to have me wake up every morning driven and excited to get after it.

4. How old were you when you did your first Triathlon?

27 years old

5. Favorite Accomplishment or Race result?

Favorite Accomplishment - Giving birth to my daughter.

Favorite Race Result - Every race in 2017 after having my daughter and having the extended break with the pregnancy. I was just so grateful to be able to race again and have family on the sidelines.

6. Favorite race distance?

I love them all

7. What sports were you involved in before Triathlon?

Tennis as main focus, but played a ton of sports growing up ( field hockey, netball, swimming, cross country , track, you name it )

8 . What's your favorite pre race Dinner ?

Sirloin steak and Sweet potato

9. Post race splurge?

Burger with Sweet Potato fries

10. How many bikes do you own?

3 - I have 2 Time Trial Bikes and 1 Mt Bike.

11. What's your favorite podcast?

School of Greatness - Lewis Howes, Ironwomen, Tower 26, And the local favorites - I could never do that - Carrie Barrett, Drunk Athlete Podcast - Erin Truslow

12. What are Words You Live by?

"Live with Gratitude" and "Greatness is a Result of Perseverance"

We are very proud to welcome Natasha on board as our Director of Team Programs and are excited for the team to crush 2018.