Haley Koop

Meet Haley Koop

1. What is your Day Job?
CTRS and volunteer coordinator at Marbridge foundation
2. Reasons why you Train?
To be healthy, strong and to reach racing goals
3. What BIG Goal Motivates you?
I want to be too ranked in my AG
4. How old were you when you did your first Triathlon?
5. Favorite Accomplishment or Race result?
Finishing my first full Ironman
6. Favorite race distance?
7. What sports were you involved in before Triathlon?
Softball Texas state
8 . What's your favorite pre race Dinner ?
Used to be steak! But no longer eating meat.. I will find a new favorite this season
9. Post race splurge?
Ice cream
10. How many bikes do you own?
2, a tri bike and a mountain bike
11. What's your favorite podcast?
12. What are Words You Live by?
“If you knew there was no tomorrow how would you race today?”