Chris Reynolds

Meet Chris Reynolds

1. What is your Day Job?
Audio Engineer, Photographer, Chef. Jack of all trades.
2. Reasons why you Train?
I train because this is where I have found love. I love my friends, I love the motivation they give me, I love the confidence I have in them and myself, I love the strength I have found in them and myself. I would not do this without them.
3. What BIG Goal Motivates you?
I want to compete in the 2019 70.3 world finals. I want to Race the most competitive races in the world and I want to place in them
4. How old were you when you did your first Triathlon?
5. Favorite Accomplishment or Race result?
I had A BLAST racing in the Lobsterman Triathlon in Freeport Maine in 2017. I took my age group and placed 6th overall... with a faster run than pro triathlete Angela Naeth. The lobster meal after the race made it all even sweeter ;)
6. Favorite race distance?
I love racing Olympic Distance! Such a great distance and always competitive. I do wish that central Texas had more true Olympic distance races to compete in.
7. What sports were you involved in before Triathlon?
As a kid I was in Tae Kwon Do and in college I was on the fencing team. I really loved fencing and think about taking my Epee to a local club and see what my newfound physical abilities would allow me to do.
8 . What's your favorite pre race Dinner ?
Before each race I will eat a steak, sweet potato and broccoli and half of a dark beer. Ok ok ok.... some races I will have a margarita! But not in 2018!!
9. Post race splurge?
Everything. I will eat freaking everything in sight. You have heard of my post Lobsterman feast, it was epic and disgusting.
10. How many bikes do you own?
Just 1 bike. I am torn between a roadie and a mountain bike. I have owned both in the past and I really love both.
11. What's your favorite podcast?
Not a huge podcast listener. I like NPR more
12. What are Words You Live by?
Have fun, life is short, go out and live