Guide to Buying a Kid's Bike

Guide to Buying a Kid's Bike

There are a lot of factors involved when buying your kid's a new bike. We want to guide you through a few.

What size should I buy?

The most important factor is to make sure that the bike fits the kid that will be riding the bike. Use the following chart to ensure comfort.

Size Chart

Where will the bike be ridden?

The style of the bike can vary greatly. Are you looking for a bike to ride around the neighborhood, take on the trails, learn how to do BMX or to learn to balance? Make sure you take note what style of riding your child wants to do.

What is your budget?

We have bikes to meet any budget. Be sure to know how much you want to spend and we will be able to find a bike that best fits your needs.

Why buy from us?

  • We deeply care and want your kids to have the best bike to suit their needs.
  • We ensure that your bike is built correctly and the bike is of high quality.
  • You receive two free tune-ups a year for as long as you own the bike.
  • We ensure that the bike fits correctly.

Don't buy a bike from a big box store! Let's Ride!

Added Bonuses

From now until December 31st, mention this article and receive 25% off of kid's accessories including a helmet, bells, gloves, etc.

We offer storage. Buy a bike and a we will store it until Christmas Eve.

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