Giant XTC JR 24 Disc

Kids bikes are always a challenge. Parents have to walk the razors edge, using advanced algorithms to forecast height and gauge long term interest before investing in something as expensive as a nice bike. We understand. Luckily, companies like Giant offer accessible, competitively priced bikes that fit a wide range of children. The XTC series, in particular, is one of our best sellers.

We love the disc brakes and lockout suspension fork on the XTC, and the swooping top tube guarantees stand over clearance for a wide range of heights. While you may be more into a 1x setup on your personal mountain bike, the 3x7 gearing of the XTC gives smaller riders a bigger range of gearing to get up hills. In addition, the grip shift style of shifting is much easier for smaller hands to use.

A pretty cool glowing orange paint job rounds out the XTC, and the pinstripe tires feature just the right amount of traction on trails without slowing younger riders down on the road. The XTC even comes with a bell and bash guard for the rear derailleur.

If you're in the market for a kids bike, swing by the shop. We stock several options for kids of all sizes and our experienced fitters can help to steer you to a bike that can grow with your child.

Full Specs:

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