Giant Trance Advanced 2

2017 is a great year to buy a bike. It’s an update year. Most of our brands have introduced completely redesigned models, as well as new product lines that are much more than new paint. Felt’s released the VR and FR line. Scott’s updated its MTB suspension. Cervelo’s just released the p5x super bike, and Giant, who we’ll focus on today, has made major updates to its entire off road line up.

While Giant mountain bikes have always been good, we’ve been blown away by the value, parts spec and paint of this new Trance Advanced 2. With carbon wheels, boost hub spacing, updated suspension and a more appropriate 1x11 drivetrain, the Trance makes great use of the most current MTB technologies, managing to squeeze them altogether into one very nice package.



OK, I suppose that we could be a bit more specific in our praise.


Reasons Why The Giant Trance Advanced 2 Is Awesome


We’re being superficial, we know, but Giant bikes have been notoriously conservative in the aesthetics department and this bike is simply a stunner. With the introduction of the LIV line of women’s cycling products a few years ago, it seems that Giant has brought some new designers into the fold. Much to our delight, we’ve been noticing more and more of their designs incorporated in the Giant line. In fact, the paint of the Trance is reminiscent to that of the beautiful LIV Avow.


Stock carbon rims with room for up to a 27.5”x2.6” wide tire, as well as boost hubs... This new wheel set is a significant upgrade from last year.

In a nutshell, a boost hub features broader spacing, allowing the spokes to come in from a wider angle to provide a stiffer, stronger wheel. Think of a house of cards. Are you picturing Kevin Spacey? No, think of a real house of cards. The wider apart the cards are, the more stable the house is.

Same goes for wheels.

All of these features (the carbon, tire clearance and boost hubs) are new for 2017. And if you’ve ever priced after market carbon wheels you’ll understand that this combination isn’t cheap. It’s astonishing to us that Giant can provide such a quality wheelset on a stock bike.



Giant’s Maestro suspension has long been an industry leader. This year, the suspension has been tweaked with new bits and a fancy custom trunnion mount that makes the entire system both lighter and stronger. Mountain bike suspensions are works of engineering art and can quickly get overly technical, but at the end of the day the Maestro suspension does two things very, very well. It seems bottomless (bottoming out your bikes suspension is always a bad feeling) and remains active under hard braking. After years of refinement and a proven track record, we’re always confident riding and selling Maestro equipped Giant Bikes.


While the components remain largely the same, Giant has thankfully moved to a 1x11 drivetrain vs. last years 2x10. Having no front derailleur means having one less thing to worry about, one less thing to break, and of course, a reduction in overall weight. With a 10-42 cassette you’ll still be able to spin up hills and hammer the flats, but chain drops and cross chaining become a thing of the past. We love this trend and see it spilling over into the cyclocross and road market more and more every year.

With updated aesthetics, suspension, drivetrain, and wheels, the 2017 Trance Advanced 2 is a huge leap forward. These bikes are now in stock and perfect for tackling the most hardcore trails that Texas has to offer. Swing by to test ride, ogle, sit on, or buy.


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