Giant TCR Bikes

It was only last year that the young, talented Dutch rider Tom Dumoulin shocked the world at the Vuelta Espana, weathering attack after attack to hang on to the red jersey for weeks, only to lose it on the penultimate day of the three-week event. It was a heart breaking, inspired ride, and the Giant TCR that Tom Dumoulin and most of Team Giant-Alpecin rode, will be on display in another couple of days, when the Tour de France starts on July 2nd.

It’s always inspiring to see the bikes we sell on the grand stage. We can watch the tour on the shop TV’s, see the competitors descend Mount Ventoux at sixty miles per hour and then walk over and put our hands on the technology they’re riding.

A couple of weeks ago we posted an article on the Felt Z5 and the explosion of the endurance bike market. We went on and on about how most of our customers prefer the fit of these bikes, and how a comfortable bike translates into long term speed. Well, it’s important to note that Giant was one of the pioneers of this movement, coming out with their TCR (Total Compact Road) line of bikes in 1997. With sloping top tubes and a more compact rear triangle, these were one of the first compact geometry road bikes available. And the geometry that Giant engineers came up with years ago, has been replicated and adapted to create the endurance road bikes that every major cycling manufacturer in the world is now making.


Twenty years of tinkering. Twenty years of refining and perfecting, shaving grams and finding watts. Perhaps that’s why the TCR is such a phenomenal bike. It’s been ridden by tour winners, group riders and cyclists of all types for a couple of decades.

The riders of Elevate Cycling, our Bicycle World sponsored continental pro cycling team, sing the TCR’s praises constantly. And if you think about it, it’s easy to see why. After so much time, how could the TCR not be good?

The full range of Giant TCR bikes cover practically every budget and desire. Disc? Electronic shifting? Both? There’s a TCR build for all of these wants. Come by and get sized up. Compare the value Giant provides with the TCR and watch the boys of Giant-Alpecin ride their TCR’s for the next three weeks in le Tour. These are brilliant bikes, and with our lifetime service and loyalty programs, it’s a brilliant idea to buy your TCR from us.


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