Felt VR40

“The road is bumpy and holey, every irregularity a drain on the rhythm I still have to find." -Tim Krabbe, The Rider

The Felt VR (Variable Road) is the evolution of Felt’s storied Z line of endurance geometry bikes, and indicates Felt’s willingness to adapt to a changing market. We’ll go ahead and say that we love this new range of bikes. They're the perfect tool for exploring the labyrinth of farm roads that crisscross Texas, or loading up and heading out with friends for a long weekend of riding. These are bikes built to discover new roads. The VR line is a promise of adventure, and the VR40 is one of the best values in this new range.

But perhaps we’re waxing a bit too poetic… We did throw up a quote from The Rider after all. Let’s take a step back and discuss the pieces that comprise this new bike.



The VR40 is what is known as an endurance geometry road bike. These bikes have multiple variations, but all (no matter the brand) endurance road bikes boast the following features:

  • Taller headtube
  • Longer wheelbase
  • Relaxed angles and fork rake

These, along with several other subtle tweaks to the bikes geometry put riders in an immediately comfortable position. It funny when cyclists talk about adapting their bodies over time to aggressive racing geometries. It almost seems as if Felt decided to finally adapt the bike to its rider instead. What does this mean? It means the VR40 is a stable platform. It's a bike upon which you’ll feel instantly comfortable. Power can be produced immediately, and all but the most inflexible riders should be able to ride a flat stem without many spacers. This is important, from both an aesthetic and technical standpoint. When a pothole appears in front of you, predictable steering can be the difference between a close call and a trip to the drug store for a box of Tegaderm.



We started off stating that the VR40 is a great value, and we believe it. Comparing the parts spec and features to a comparable equipped Trek or Specialized, the VR40 comes in a couple hundred dollars less expensive. And that paint… If ever there was a choice between two comparable bikes, we’re certainly going to recommend the bike with the matte “Acid” green paint job. There are so many things going on with this bike that it's hard to list them all.

  • An update to front and rear thru axles connect the frame to the wheels and make the bike feel instantly secure.
  • Disc brakes allow for secure stopping and massive tire clearance. This ability to run larger tires at lower pressures makes the VR line suited for exploring less than perfect roads.
  • Integrated rack and fender mounts give the bike flexibility without adding weight. Want to go full fenders and panniers? The VR40 can accommodate that.
  • A new subcompact drivetrain gives a huge range of gearing. A 48/32 crank paired with a ten speed, 11-34 cassette offers incredible versatility and options. If you prefer 40 + mph city limit sprints to seated gravel climbs, you may feel lacking, but that is such a tired argument. If we remove ourselves from the ego of wanting to ride the same gearing as Peter Sagan, we realize that compact gearing is more suitable for all but the most elite riders.

This combination of geometry, parts spec, and even paint make the Felt VR40 a fantastic buy. The bike is instantly comfortable, incredibly adaptable, and above all, fun. We’ve got these in stock in all of our stores and are happy to fit you to this, or to any of the new Felt's in the VR line.

Do your research. Make spreadsheets comparing part spec of other similarly priced bikes. Come in and chat with our sales staff. Sit on the VR40 and take it for a test ride. We’re confident that the merits of the bike will win you over.


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