Felt IA Bikes

Jim Felt started his storied career making one off tri bikes for select clients in the motorcross industry, eventually gaining enough of a following to catch the eye of Easton Sports. Easton hired Jim to design a triathlon bike for their sponsored athlete, the legendary Paula Newby-Fraiser, and that year she captured her fourth Ironman World Championship on the Jim Felt designed B2.

From there, the Felt brand blossomed and grew, expanding into all avenues of the cycling industry. Felt makes superb mountain, road and city bikes, but their roots are unquestionably in the world of triathlon.

This is a brand that's always taken a highly technical approach to their bikes, pushing the the boundaries and questioning the placement of every cable, tube and junction. The IA line of bikes is the perfect example of this. It’s a collection of bikes created expressly for triathletes. And no, the IA is not UCI legal. Not even close. The tube shaping is much too extreme for standard time trial applications. If you have a half or full Ironman on your bucket list, though, an IA may just be your new best friend.

Felt IA 1

With compliance built into the frame, and exceptionally slippery tube shaping, the IA is designed to transfer every possible watt into forward motion, while keeping you comfortable for the long haul. Our customers love this bike. In fact, since it’s introduction the IA line has been incredibly popular in all of our locations. In addition to the aerodynamic technologies, the IA line offers an astounding seven different models to appeal to all budgets and tastes. Want Dura-Ace on your IA? Sure. Prefer a SRAM drivetrain? Felt’s got that as well.

We love the fit and features of these bikes, and highly recommend them for all of our multi-sport customers. Come in and compare the IA line to comparably priced tri bikes from Cervelo, Giant, and Scott. And whatever bike you ultimately decide upon, remember that we’ll be here to fit and maintain your ride.


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