Coeur Clothing

For years, quality women's cycling apparel existed on the periphery of the market. It was something manufacturers could never seem to focus on. The promise of an untapped customer base, just out of reach. But who would be brave enough to go after it?

We heard all the rumors. We searched the entire internet for a supplier of women's clothing that was big enough to work for our brick and mortar locations, yet stylish enough to actually sell. We had our reps come by and promise that next years designs would blow the roof off of the market, only to be disappointed by the finished product.

There was a company out of Australia making quality women's gear that was too expensive to import. A Polish manufacturer came up with a few great designs, but their website inexplicably disappeared. We searched our supplier's catalogs for designs like we'd seen online, but it seemed that most major bike companies were sticking with the "Pink it, and Shrink it" method of creating women's clothing.

And yes... As sad as it may be, that's a real phrase.

Needless to say, when Coeur clothing came along to save us from ourselves, we were ecstatic. After testing the waters in our Austin location, we're happy to announced that Coeur's Clothing will be available at our Southlake and Memorial locations as well. We've been getting phenomenal feedback on the fit of this (US made) women's only clothing line. The designs are clean and colorful, and the gear itself is technically sound. In fact, much of the staff at Coeur are Kona athletes and multiple Ironman finishers!

Check out a small sampling of Coeur's wares below, or swing by to see the new gear in person. We're happy to make recommendations, order fill in sizes, or share with you the positive feedback we've been getting from our customers.


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