Cervelo P3

What can you say about the Cervelo P3? If you’re reading this, no doubt you’re familiar with its place at the top of the tri-bike bell curve. The P3 is ubiquitous in the multi-sport world. It’s the benchmark... Not the fanciest, nor the lightest, yet certainly one of the best.

Triathlon is a heavily marketed sport and tri-bikes, perhaps more than any others, are stuffed with proprietary technologies guaranteed to provide free watts.

Free speed!

A new PR!

As cycling industry employees, we understand that a proper fit will always trump proprietary technology. That the lightest frame isn’t necessarily the best. If it’s too fragile to survive transport, or flexes when you get out of the saddle, it may not be the best bike to live with.

Most of our customers interested in a P3 are training for Olympic, middle, and long distance triathlons. These customers are spending hours on the road. Their bikes have been crammed into trainers, ridden in the rain, shoved into airline carriers. And this is where the Cervelo P3 comes into it’s own, in the real world business of triathlon.


“the P3’s non-proprietary components allow for intuitive use and custom set-up” -Cervelo

It’s right there on the website. No proprietary components mean that you can find replacement parts at any bike shop. That the bottom bracket can be ordered on Monday and arrive on Tuesday. That you’ll never need to find an authorized Cervelo dealer to receive service. While we love to ogle the latest superbike, we think this is important. With the P3, Cervelo has relied on proven technologies.

The Ultegra drivetrain is a perfect balance of durability and performance. The carbon frame is aerodynamic, while still preserving a level of vertical compliance for a comfortable ride, and the geometry of the P3 is one of the best. The wide range of adjustability means that our fitters can put you in a position that provides power, and one which you can maintain for several hours. You are, after all, the must un-aerodynamic thing on your bike. All the proprietary technologies in the world are rendered obsolete if you can’t maintain your position.

If you’re in the market for a nice triathlon bike, we reckon this is the place to start. The Cervelo p3 has been highly reviewed for years, and is always one of our best selling tri bikes. These are in stock now, and our fitters are happy to throw you on a trainer to demonstrate the adjustability that the P3 is known for. If there’s an Ironman on your bucket list, the P3 comes with our highest recommendation.


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