Brooks Cambium

Started in 1866, Brooks England has been making high quality leather saddles for an incredible 150 years. In fact, Brooks is a name synonymous with quality cycling goods. Their quality leather saddles are painstakingly broken in and often last decades with the proper care.

There’s really only one problem with Brooks’ saddles.

The weight.

And while this may not matter to randonneurs and recreational cyclists, a couple extra pounds added to a 16 race bike can be a little too much for many consumers to swallow. Luckily, Brooks has responded to this with their introduction of the Cambium line of products. These weatherproof, vulcanized rubber saddles offer the best of Brooks quality, without the weight penalty of other models.

Brooks says that their Cambium saddles are instantly comfortable and don’t the long break in period of other leather saddles in the Brooks line. What’s more, the saddles have shaved a massive amount of weight. The Cambium C13 saddle even boasts carbon fiber rails!


We’ve always admired the quality of Brooks’ products from afar, but fortunately Brooks has adapted to the currently market. From it’s initial release a couple years ago, the Cambium range has quickly become a popular alternative for competitive riders craving a bit more panache.

If you’re searching for a new saddle, don’t forget about Brooks. The company has a long history of fanatical brand loyalty and timeless style. We’ve got several Cambium styles in stock, as well as the brilliant matching rubber bar tape. Next time you’re in the shop check them out and compare the quality of Brooks saddles to other on the market. We reckon you’ll be impressed.

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