Bicycle Blue Book

Say you want a new bike. Something shiny and new. A no excuses, costs more than your first car, rocket ship. Problem is, your significant other isn’t signing off on anything until you get rid of your current ride.

Well… You’ve got a few options.


Put your bike up on craiglist, entertain low ball offers, meet random people in parking lots while they quiz you about every blemish on your bike as if you’re trying to pull something over on them.


Put your bike on ebay, entertain low ball offers, go through the trouble of boxing, insuring and shipping your bike, cross your fingers that nothing happens in transit, and wait a week before your account gets funded.


Bring your bike to us, and we’ll take care of everything!

We’re happy to announce our partnership with Bicycle Blue Book. This third party service will provide a quote for your used bike in minutes, that you can immediately apply to the purchase of a new one at any Bicycle World location. It’s a simple system, and one that we’re excited to launch. So if there’s a bike you’ve been eyeing on our sales floor, swing by this weekend and we’ll do our best to talk into an upgrade.


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