2018 Giant E-Bike

2018 Giant E-Bikes

We are proud to announce the arrival of the New 2018 Giant E-bikes now in stock at all seven BW locations.

We know e-bikes may deliver mixed emotions, but we ensure these bikes deliver an experience you'll never forget. Reviews are great and specs deliver, but there's no way to measure the enjoyment these bikes provide.

A choice of styles embrace every lifestyle from urban commuters to recreational purists. They're the perfect choice for anyone looking to increase their ride distance with less time, wear and tear.

The Giant Explore E+3 is sure to provide smooth acceleration and versatile adaptability for any terrain.

Red hot and fun, the Giant Dirt E+2 is a literal trailblazer tough enough to tackle any mountain with integrated performance.

  • The Liv Amiti E+2 is fit for a queen with custom sizing and performance options, not to mention tire selections and lighting features delivering superior safety.
Giant Explore E+ 3
Giant Dirt E+ 2
Liv Amiti E+ 2