2017 Scott Scale

I can still remember the first time I rode a Scott Scale. It was at the Interbike Outdoor demo in 2009. Or was it 2008? The shop I was working for at the time wasn’t a Scott dealer, but everyone of us wanted to try this mountain bike that was supposed to weigh in at just over 16 lbs. That seemed unfathomable to us.

Yet there it was. An astonishingly light bike that leapt up hills and could be thrown into corners. It was one of those rides where you’re laughing out loud for no real reason, other than you can’t believe how much fun you’re having.

Since that grand introduction, Scott’s refined the Scale platform, making subtle improvements along the way. There’s no question this company knows how to make lightweight bikes, but over time Scott realized that by making the lightest hardtail on the planet, they may have also made one of the harshest riding ones. The new challenge for Scott engineers was to keep the lightweight bike that the Scale is known to be, but introduce a little more vertical compliance. The really tricky part was to still maintain the stiffness necessary for out of the saddle climbs and finish line sprints.


Well… Chapeau, Scott. I think that this new 2017 Scale lineup accomplishes these tasks quite well.

Beyond the carbon layup, Scott has tweaked the geometry of the Scale to provide a more centered feel. They’ve shortened the chainstays on their 29” bikes by 13mm (that’s a lot) to provide snappier handling and increased traction. They’ve lowered stack height and steepened seat tube angle as well to provide a racier feel for the Scale line.

Our sales staff has always always loved these bikes. We feel that they just make sense for the majority of trails here in Texas. And with several 29”, 27.5”, and plus models available, there’s a plethora of wheel sizes and parts specs to choose from. Check out the .pdf below for a breakdown of every Scale model, as well as more information on it’s revised geometry and carbon layup, then come see us. We’re proud to be Scott dealers and new 2017 Scale’s are just now coming into stock at our stores.


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